Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Big Leap

I handed in my 30-day notice at work yesterday. For two years, I've worked for a cultural charity in the heart of Edinburgh in a position that a lot of people would kill for. The money is decent, the work is important and ever-changing, and I've been allowed to treat a book shop as my own personal playground. I'm quitting so I can work as a run-of-the-mill office temp, taking a potential pay cut of thousands per year.

My reasons for quitting other jobs, while many, were usually a bit more convincingly dramatic than this one. Because I'm going into full-time volunteer work, say, or because I'm moving to Scotland. Because I'm going back for a higher degree, or because I've found a more challenging job with better pay. But this?

Still pretty dramatic, actually. I want an easy job with predictable hours so I can focus on the writing. Okay, that doesn't sound very dramatic after all. But it feels dramatic, mostly because it calls bullshit on me, and on pretty much my entire life. The truth is, this is literally the best chance I'll ever have to actively and seriously pursue writing as anything more than a hobby, creative writing Master's notwithstanding. Think it'll get any easier once I lock into some other, demanding career? Once we get a bigger flat and need to keep up with the mortgage? Once we have a baby? This is IT.

So I'm leaving my job, and fortunately I have the World's Most Understanding and Supportive Husband, who is also understandably a bit nervous, as he really would like a bigger flat and a baby and all that (so would I). In other words, the pressure's on. Before, if I didn't write for a long time, nobody really noticed. Now, everyone will.

So you wanna do this, or what? Okay, then. Let's do this.


  1. Good luck! Heard about your inspiring decision on Twitter via Shortbreadstory. Take care.

  2. Rock Awesome!
    Besides the pant wetting fear, it's great feeling, innit?

  3. Ask me after I stop wetting my pants. ;) But yeah, pretty damn good.

  4. Go ERICA. Can you see me doing the wave? Yep, that's me, down near the bottom of Dundas street. I am having wine w dinner to celebrate for you....And wondering if you've timed this so that it syncs with the start of National Novel Writing Month? :0) Also, as an aside, I am confident you and husband will produce cute babies when you get around to it.

  5. Way to go! I've never doubted for a second that you are A Writer. Follow your bliss. :)

  6. Hey Erica
    Go for it, just go for it. There's nothing better that following the dream.

  7. Hi Erica, Best wishes to you! You've been validated by all the shortbread writers...and you have the support of your husband...nothing is missing. You are a success already. Best greetngs from Philly, USA!
    David Appleby -Fellow shortbreader!

  8. Thanks so much for all the encouragement, everyone!! Now I just have to live up to it...